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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

We asked our clients what they loved about our services and what we could do to improve.  Although none of our clients could think of improvements, they had much to say about what they loved:

"AALLC is consistent, dedicated & efficient.  I'm totally satisfied" Tax client

David Weyl, President, Weyl Enterprises, Inc. "I'm happy with my accounting services for the past 3 years and I have no complaints or issues.  I'd be willing to give a personal referral.  If anyone wants to know about Kenya and AALLC, have them call me." 

"AALLC has a personal connection as well as professionalism.  As IT pros, we really love how security awareness is key with AALLC. We never worry about taxes because we know we've got AALLC!" Individual tax client

"AALLC is honest, candid & straightforward with a personal touch that keeps us on track." Bus tax client

"Kenya & AALLC are patient, understanding, knowledgeable & resourceful." Tax client

"AALLC is thorough, timely, quick, available & professional." Tax client

"With Kenya, accounting and taxes are not just a business, they're a passion.  She is thoroughly business minded, but very personal and involved with you as a client and as a person.  Kenya individualized her service based on my needs and worked with me to fit into my schedule.  She's involved in your life beyond business.  Kenya is not just my accountant, she became my friend."  NP accounting client

"AALLC is proactive in addressing the accounting needs for our business.  She is thorough and she believes in her clients.  The first individual tax return AALLC prepared for us was the first time we received a refund!" Small bus acct /individual tax client